July 12, 2017
Meet Thrive – The BEST Tracker In The World

Ladies and Gentleman – Welcome to this write up about “Thrive Tracking” software. by the super heroes over at iPyxel Creations!

If I was to sum this tracking solution up in approximately one word, it would be the word “WOW” that springs to mind. I’m serious, gone are the days, where one might rely on prehistoric sofwares such as Prosper202, Cpvlab and imobiTrax to track their prized data… Those fossils are LONG gone with a big STOMP from the modern and poised T-REX that is Thrive.

Thrive is not only more modern, pretty and dare I say fun to work with, but it is backed with an almighty team that knows the tracking market like the back of their hands. Their software engineers are nothing short of Einstein’s and Eddison’s, they are constantly updating it, adding new features and to keep them on form, they eat conversion pixels for breakfast (and that’s without milk).

What is Thrive (I Hear You Say)

Well it’s funny you should ask, because Thrive is what super affiliates have dreamt about for years and it’s finally here in real life, in all it’s beauty and glory – take a look at that dashboard. Wow again.

Thrive is a self-hosted ultra-high performance tracking solution that the big ‘dawgs’ use to bring in monster size commissions via this high-tech tracking solution.

Thrive is a self-hosted tracking software for a reason – it provides you with full control over your OWN redirect domain, so no shady marketers will ever get your domain blacklisted (like in hosted/managed trackers.) What does this mean? Your domain will be kept in good stead with traffic sources and the like and to top it all off your data is always kept private to you (nobody in the tracking company can snoop on your data, as they can in managed solutions such as Voluum, TrackingDesk and others if they so wished.)

It is also super easy to use and you get your own private area in the back office, where you can take Thrives training tutorial, like sitting in a college class in your living room – feels like a nice and cosy place to learn in your own server. I’ve used many trackers before, but I find Thrive to be THE EASIEST I have ever used, and what’s most fascinating is that it has many cutting-edge features that will supersede advanced marketer’s expectations too.


Why Should You Test-Drive Thrive Right Now?

Here are just ‘some’ of the features:

1) Cost/CPC Adjustments and Updates – Adjust spend and cost data for any campaigns for any date range through the THRIVE interface to get accurate profit/ROI numbers. You can also upload a CSV with all the campaigns’ costs for a specific date range to automate the process.

2) Multi-Variable Drill-Down Reports – It’s all about finding the exact combinations (geography, creative, device, etc.) that are the most profitable. THRIVE allows you to find these by generating Drill-Down Reports that group multiple variables into a single, expandable report across multiple campaigns or your entire portfolio.

3) Piggy-backing Post-back App – Use just 1 post-back URL for all your advertisers and affiliate networks, even if you use multiple 3rd party platforms.

4) Full Cloaking Module – They are just getting started and will be constantly adding high-impact features. Stay tuned for this!


30 Day Free Trial:

Thrive currently has a promotion on at the moment for new folk who decide to try it out. You are able to start using Thrive RIGHT NOW for 30 days ABSOLUTELY FREE – They don’t even ask for payment on file so no credit card needed. No other company worth signing up to is doing this. You just click on to their website and sign up for free. Once you have signed up you can download the almighty Thrive and upload it to your server. They guide you through the easy stages on how to set it all up, step by step. After you have finished the 30 days, you can decide if it is your ‘fang’ or not. If not, no hard feelings, but once you try it you will wonder how you ever used any other software.

Another problem with some tracking companies is they make you jump through hoops to cancel so that it is a pain to even contemplate it. If after your trial you decide to stay with Thrive (you will love it) they make it really easy if you ever change your mind to cancel it. You can do it by clicking a button and it’s done, so everything is within reach (without annoying hoops or support emails.)


The Support:

The support at thrive is absolutely fantastic. I sat with Kevin Che (One member of their support team) when I first got started with them and he walked me through the whole process, answered any and all questions professionally and patiently. He turned me into a pro at the tracking game, taught me thing’s I didn’t even know before. I’m very impressed.

Look, Thrive claims to be better than other self-hosted trackers – many companies do the same, which is usually marketing hype. Nevertheless, Thrive in my experienced opinion… really is the best tracker out there as of now and I expect it to only get better, bigger and even more popular than it already is.


100% Risk Free:

It just has so much more than the rest. Whether it be the ability to scale more, better automation features or the fact that reporting doesn’t slow down over time, as it does with other trackers. Or the fact that support is available 24/7 and they usually respond in 30 minutes in my experience. Or the crazy fact that they give you the tracker 30 days FOR FREE with no money or card needed up front.

“Don’t just take my word for it, head over to Thrive now and get your hands on the 30 days free trial whilst they’re still offering it.”


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