I LOVE CARS – Ever Since I was a young boy I used to love looking through my Dad’s Autotrader magazine so I can peak a look at all the fancy cars. Lamborghini was of particular interest and it still is today. Along with Mercedes as you can see (My mates say it’s a hairdressers car – I guess I am Edward Scissor Hands then)

Another thing I love is to TRAVEL. Nothing better than just packing a bag, driving to the airport, throwing your car in the long stay and jumping on the next available flight to wherever. One of my favourite places has got to be America. I’ve been to New York, Vegas, San Francisco and Miami to name a few. Love ‘Murica’ I do.

I USED TO BE SKINNY – I’ve always been a bit skinny… there was a guy at my school who used to have a 6 pack. I thought to myself… “I’ll show HIM” – and went on to get one of my own. I like keeping active, life in my comfy chair tapping on the laptop can be a sure fire way to get a fat wallet AND a fat gut. Not for me though.