Who I am

Hi and thanks for stopping by my blog.

As the website suggests, my name is Craig Todd. To try and impress you more I should probably also say I’m an Entrepreneur, speaker, success coach, blogger and Internet Marketer – which are all true – but family and friends are what matters most to me.

Why I Started An Internet Business?

When I was 22 years old my mentor dropped a phrase on me that would change my life forever when he said “Profits are better than wages. Wages can make you a living. Profits can make you a fortune. ”It’s difficult to get rich on wages but anyone can get rich on profits. Profits change your whole attitude, even if you start part time – so that’s precisely what I did. My curiosity on how people became successful, lead me on to the path of Internet Marketing. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t start my Internet business to become popular or even rich. It was about becoming free.

  • Free from waking up to a life I hated
  • Free from the stress of living by someone else’s rules
  • Free to do whatever I want whenever I want and for as long as I want

I’ve been living in the Internet for the past 7 years, living, breathing, sleeping it and what can I say? It’s a pretty cool lifestyle and the financial rewards are high but it also has its moments. Was it easy? Nope. I made a lot of mistakes along the way, lots of mistakes; some have been funny and some have been tragic but I learnt from every one. Not many people know what I do for a living because I can never be bothered to explain. I used to work from home but now I work in a private office because I find it a lot easier that way to separate my “work life” from my “home life”. (You find out pretty quick that the “luxury” of working from home can make you a little crazy). Anyway I’m one of a few other businesses/office on my floor. I’ve made a fair few friends and a few people are curious about the young guy with no discernible schedule, definitely no dress code (although I do dress smart) that drives a fancy car. Invariably I get asked what I do from time to time. I offer a 20 second summary blurb. One that I’ve carefully engineered over the years to convey the fact that I’m not in the adult industry or a drug dealer but simultaneously vague enough to keep them guessing (since they won’t understand anyway).

What you read on this blog is what I do. Snippets and snapshots of my business and personal life. Much of what I share will be certain principles, fresh ideas, strategies and techniques I personally use and follow for my own business gains so feel free to swipe and deploy anything that is useful and disregard what isn’t. This blog is merely a tool, not a blueprint. And you do not have to agree with every point I make – one size does not fit all. There are no hard and fast rules you have to adopt. Make notes. Jot down points you think apply, particularly to your business. Or make no notes at all – just dip in and out as you like.

“Just how quickly can I get rich?” I hear you ask?

Quicker than you think, but slower that you would like – there are just too many variables to consider for a definitive answer but it will depend largely on your degree of motivation, focus and discipline. Put simply, if you want to make a multiple five figure a month income on the Internet then you need to understand and do things the majority of people won’t do. From mindset to actual actions, you need to follow behavioral rules when it comes to making real ”moolah’ and these rules are what separate the affiliate to the super affiliates.

I can’t make you happy. I can’t make you healthy. But I’m pretty certain I can improve your chances of making your first pot of gold on the Internet whilst having fun along the way. Start from wherever you are and with whatever you’ve got and just enjoy the ride.

Craig Todd

  • Bonjour to you. We met at an event in Paris a couple of years back. He has helped me tremendously to up my marketing game.

  • Never made a single penny online until I met this dude. He is an awesome mentor, he helped me change all of that in such a short space of time.

  • I've tried all kinds of products hoping to make money online with no success and I came across my now friend and mentor Craig Todd. 2 Words - Life changing.

  • Craig is the real deal guys, I took one of his courses a few years ago and if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be where I am today -Top Bloke.

  • I listened to a presentation by Craig about improving local SEO. Lots of great take-aways. He was really knowledgeable and easy to understand. A*

  • Always been there for me and helped me sooooo much - You must listen to this man, the results speak for themselves.

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