This is part of your defining, setting an objective process. There are no right or wrong answers. For example, making a fortune and spending it all on cocaine seems, to me, like a foolish thing to do. But that’s personal.You might find a problem with me spending mine on food. We all spend on what we think will satisfy us, make us happy. We all choose our own pleasures and it’s not for me to sit in judgement on anyone else.

So what do you want to make money on the Internet for? Why do you want to be wealthy? The answers you give will tell a whole lot about your hidden money myths and how you really see money.

Sometimes it’s simple: we have a dream and need money to fulfill it. The dream comes first.

Consider also what you don’t need more money for. I like cars and watches – but have found that my investments in such things hasn’t increased as my income has gone up. I still like them but my motivation for making money isn’t to be able to spend loads on new things. I don’t need more money to buy new cars and watches. Do you really need as much as you think? If so, fine, you just need to be sure and clear about it.

So what’s your excuse? What do you want money for? Set your own agenda, my friend, and keep it to yourself. And whatever you write down – and I recommend you write it down, it makes it so much more real – keep it secret, keep it safe.