I have a friend who is every internet marketers dream.

So far, he’s bought Frank Kern’s List Control… George Brown’s Traffic Ultimatum as well as Google Sniper… Ryan Deiss’s Facebook Adpower… and he was a moments away from adding Jeff Johnson’s Traffic Voodoo to his collection …until I intervened.

Okay, so he’s an extreme case, but are you guilty of this too from time to time? Have you bought something on the spur of the moment that’s still gathering dust on your hard drive? Or perhaps some physical products that’s still wrapped in polystyrene?

There will always be a release of new products each week, all promising you something bigger, better, faster and shinier than the last. Some are pretty good and some are lousy but that’s not why I stopped my friend from buying another yet another course.

You see, there has to come to a point when you stop buying more education and instead use what you already have. If you’re already making money and you’re just looking for a little nugget of information here and there to plug into your existing business, then by all means – continue to invest in training products.

Too many people get side tracked with so much stuff out there, getting pulled in so many directions and as a result – information overload, which is the main reason why newbies fail.

Focus on only one thing at a time. When, and only when you’ve made some money from that one thing – THEN move on to the next.

Let’s face it, the bulk of online business success comes down to some basic FUNDAMENTALS:

1.  Finding a hungry market to provide to

2.  Making offers to that market

3.  Driving quality, targeted traffic for that market

4.  Building an email list so you can follow-up with prospects and to promote future products.

That’s it.

Don’t complicate things and focus on the fundamentals.