Started on your new journey with Internet Marketing? Good.

Now keep it to yourself. There may come a time when you need to discuss what you are doing with others but for the moment don’t broadcast what you’re doing. There are several reasons for this:

–  Other people’s opinions can often be negative and this can put you off.

–  There’s no need to give away your best ideas

– You don’t want to be seen as preaching or trying to convert people to your way of thinking.

– No one else really wants to know what you’re up to.

– It’s nice having a secret – gives you a warm, smug glowing feeling.

If you go around broadcasting what you’re doing, there will be people around you who will get jealous and will do pretty well anything to put you off. After all, you are saying goodbye to them in a way.

You are proclaiming that the old you, the old lifestyle, isn’t good enough anymore and you are off to pastures new. Of course they are going to be unhappy about that. So keep it under your hat.

Let this be our secret. Carry on learning and practicing the ‘Rules’ but just don’t go telling all and sundry – no matter how much you think they might benefit from what you’re doing. At least not when you’re just making progress.

The interesting thing is that even of you did go telling everyone how great making money from the Internet is, they’re unlikely to do anything about it. Most people would rather watch television and drag themselves to the pit of poverty.

Anyone who get’s religion of any sort needs to keep a tight lip on it. People hate to be preached at, lectured at, encouraged to think about their lifestyle or told that what they do isn’t good enough.

So keep it under your hat.

Speak soon,